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Pelmorex Media Inc. is the undisputed leader of weather information services in Canada across all platforms, including cable, satellite, internet, desktop, mobile, radio and newspapers. The Weather Network Commercial Services (TWNCS) is a division of Pelmorex Media Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pelmorex Inc. a private weather information company headquartered in Oakville, Ontario with offices in Montreal and satellite locations in Calgary, Vancouver and Moncton.

TWNCS provides complete weather solutions for a variety of industries including Transportation, Energy, Natural Resources (Forestry/Water), Public Safety and Special Events. For our clients we bring to bear all of the resources of Canada's largest private sector meteorological team, leading edge atmospheric visualization and forecasting tools and the ability to deliver the weather story independent of medium.

TWNCS continues to be a leader in bringing best in class weather solutions to market. We invest heavily each year in developing our technical and meteorological tools to better interpret, analyze and present weather data to our customers. Over the last 20-years TWNCS has a proven track record of providing weather solutions by offering:
  • Precision weather forecasting
  • Services and products tailored to the specific weather sensitivities of our clients
  • 24/7/365 technical and meteorological support
  • Consultative advice and training
Focused on industries with weather sensitive operations, TWNCS has developed a deep understanding of operational realities and the mission critical nature of our weather information. We do not stop at the generation of weather data nor in the distribution of weather reports, instead we go deeper, and bring to our clients a vast amount of knowledge on the weather event and its potential impact on their operations.

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