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The Canadian economy is fueled by a stable and robust power and gas sector. Canadian energy companies are key contributors to the North American energy landscape and weather plays an important role in the operation of these organizations. Routine and extreme weather affects power consumption and the performance of equipment, both of which impact the cost, quality and availability of power. Accurate weather information is also crucial for demand planning, daily nominations and forecasting seasonal consumption.

The Weather Network Commercial Services (TWNCS) specialized Energy weather solutions provides dynamically updated real-time observational and forecast weather data to assist these organizations plan for and respond to the potential impacts of weather sensitivities. These solutions include the following products and services:
  • Real-time Lightning Detection Network to accurately pinpoint the location of lightning activity and its proximity to important assets
  • Severe Weather Forecasts and Warnings/Alerts for thunderstorms, high winds, freezing rain, extreme temperatures and heavy snow to assist in ensuring the security of energy transport systems
  • Combined US and Canadian Composite Radar to monitor the movement, evolution and strength of precipitation
  • FutureCast Radar that forecasts the movement of precipitation over a 6-hour timeframe
  • Site specific Local Area Forecasts to anticipate upcoming weather on an hourly to daily basis
  • Hourly forecast data for ingestion into energy load models
  • Meteorological Consultation to help qualify forecasts and provide details in rapidly changing weather conditions
  • Current and Historical Observational data
  • Precipitation and Critical Temperature Sequence Forecasts for hydrological modeling
  • Training to familiarize end users with the products and services received and their interpretation along with basic weather orientation as desired
By having precise advanced knowledge of the weather’s impact on your operations, organizations can effectively plan their human and physical assets, reduce outage times and improve system reliability, load forecasting & demand planning. This will result in a reduction of costs, increases in revenues, enhanced employee safety and improved customer satisfaction.

For further information on how TWNCS can help your energy operation please contact our Energy services team.

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