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Lightning flashes occur in Canada about 2.7 million times a year and during the summer months about once every three seconds. Lightning causes over 4,000 forest fires, numerous power outages and is responsible for over six dozen serious injuries and deaths every year nationwide (Source: Environment Canada).

In order to provide a tool to accurately track and monitor this hazardous weather event Pelmorex installed and operates a next generation ‘Time-of-Arrival’ (TOA) real-time Lightning Detection Network. The Pelmorex Lightning Detection Network’s (PLDN) state-of-the-art Precision Lightning Sensor (PLS) technology utilizes the Global Positioning System’s (GPS) timing precision to accurately pinpoint strike location. The PLS technology provides a higher degree of accuracy and detection success rate compared to magnetic direction finding sensors by refining the triangulation methods used. This results in a lower false strike rate and increased confidence in strike location relative to your important assets.

PLDN Highlights

  • Coverage across Canada and access to North American wide data
  • Ability to detect and display individual strike data

    • Strike date & time
    • Strike position (latitude/longitude)
    • Strike type (cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud)
    • Polarity of discharge (positive/negative)
    • Amplitude

  • Real-time strike detection with a 20-30 second update frequency
  • Network Accuracy of +/- 250m for individual strikes
  • Detection Efficiency over 90% across Canada
  • Operates year-round with 365/24/7 support
  • Email alerting capabilities
  • Flexible delivery and display options including Google Earth, data feeds and 3rd party applications
  • Archived lightning data since 2007 can now be accessed to assist in the validation of past lightning events

PLDN’s ability to monitor lightning in real-time on national, regional and local scales has widespread operational application. Organizations with large area responsibilities will appreciate the broad overview the Network provides. While those with local interests vulnerable to lightning can zero-in on activity with great precision. All will benefit from Canada’s most accurate Lightning Detection Network by easily tracking and monitoring lightning activity in real time to assist in managing human and physical assets, appropriately, and adjust schedules and timelines to ensure safety and the reliability of operations.

For further information on how The Weather Network Commercial Services (TWNCS) can help you with your lightning detection needs please contact our Lightning services team.

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