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Public Safety organizations are responsible for maximizing the safety and security of citizens across Canada and weather can influence their decision making process. When these organizations are making critical decisions ‘situational awareness’ across their operation plays an important role, however weather can negatively affect the operational capacity of these organizations. Through the use of enhanced weather information critical decisions are supported and ‘situational awareness’ is improved.

The Weather Network Commercial Services (TWNCS) specialized Public Safety weather solutions provides the necessary tools to help these organizations improve ‘situational awareness’. These solutions include the following products and services:

  • Real-time Lightning Detection Network to accurately pinpoint the location of lightning activity and its proximity to important assets
  • Combined US and Canadian Composite Radar to monitor the movement, evolution and strength of precipitation
  • FutureCast Radar that forecasts the movement of precipitation over a 6-hour timeframe
  • Site specific Local Area Forecasts to anticipate upcoming weather on an hourly to daily basis
  • Meteorological Consultation to help qualify forecasts and provide details in rapidly changing weather conditions
  • Observational data
  • Severe Weather Forecasts and Warnings/Alerts for critical weather events based on pre-defined criteria
  • Precipitation forecasts
  • Training to familiarize end users with the products and services received and their interpretation along with basic weather orientation as desired

By using weather information to improve ‘situational awareness’ Public Safety organizations will be able to issue timely alerts, improve response times and better plan human and physical resource requirements. This will result in improved public and employee safety as well as a better informed public.

For further information on how TWNCS can help your operations please contact our Public Safety services team.

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