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Energy Services
Full compliment of datafeed and briefing services to support your energy trading, maintenance and market management operations across Oil, Natural Gas and Power.


A unique solution of road weather management, allowing you to remotely access real-time weather information from your roads. Road weather meteorologists carry out customized forecasting and monitoring activities which allows you to prepare for all weather conditions.
Plan your airport operations more effectively by preparing for the weather - receive regularly updated bulletins detailing all weather events, allowing you to design strategies for anti-icing, snow clearance, strong winds, and low visibility conditions.
Design railway operations around severe weather events by incorporating detailed forecast services, these are tailored to rail routes and concentrate on weather which will impact upon the railways.

Lightning Network
Access Canada's most accurate lightning network. Easily track and monitor lightning activity in near-real time. Using near-real time lightning information, manage human and physical assets, appropriately, adjust schedules and timelines to ensure safety and reliability of your operations.

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